Ambassor of mesmerizing aromas Yumi Ogawa

Interview with Yumi Ogawa in Ultra Magazine 5-6/2016. Yumi is giving a lecture and AromaTouch Workshop at Ultrapäivät festival 7-10 of July. This is quick translation from the original Finnish article.


Man of our time is fascinated by the naturalness. Nature has become almost of a brand, a large garden, which brings us right down to the our roots. At the same time interest in health has increased.

ultrajuttuIt is as if partially lost connection with nature ever invented again in the form of various innovations applied from nature. For seeker who is in everyday contact with spirituality, naturalness is already self-evident. However, the global trend in the health and wellness is reflected from the background.

Curious person like me, who is filled with the traditional (fringe sciences) information is not so easily getting excited on health issues… It is easy to be lulled into lessons learned only from great success stories of our culture or tend to think it is hopeless to form the whole picture (as complex themes). I decided to look for an approach that would maintain them too, who rarely critically assess their own attitudes, in order to seek natural ways to meet their body’s needs. When keeping good care of theirselves people are able to better care for the spiritual needs also, which is something which people are struggling with when trying to putting it in the practice.

Interested in the world of botany, I found a earthbound alternative from aromatherapy, which I was originally introduced in the army through a roommate. The area is going through enormous periods of time, because the demand for essential oils has increased six-fold in the world in this decade. (People) have clearly had the ability to see what kind of potential comes from individual experiences, and empowerment and training in modern times. Cross-sectoral networking of experts in the promotion of an area has reached new kinds of groups, connected by a vision of the successful promotion of the overall welfare.

Surprising meeting

When I was finding my way into the world of oils I experienced something incredible. Surprisingly, I found kirlian photo of my hand from the site of prestigious Japanese shiatsu therapist, Yumi Ogawa, to where it was arrived as she examined of the latest advances in the study of human energy fields. Finland is at the forefront of scientific research in the kirlian photography.

As it happens, she had been interested in my own field of research, parapsychology. She said she had received reminiscences of the past lives that are related to modest medieval stone castle around 1200 or 1300’s in some northern contry.

– I did humanitarian work at a younger age 1.5 years, and I felt that I was not doing it the first time. Then I started getting visions of life as a young noble woman, who toured a lot among the poor, helping the sick, she described the earliest experiences of her previous lives.

Lured by this experienced spiritual connection, she decided to come to Finland and attend in the consciousness conference in the University of Helsinki organize in the summer of 2015 as a guest for the institute of parapsychology, which is led by me. During a new visit in Finland in the time of Minä Olen Fair, she had a dream three-layer burning castle, and after this the next day we went to Kaarina Kuusisto castle, which corresponded to the description of a dream really and was destroyed by fire in 1485.

– I felt like I arrived home, even thought my body is not able to properly withstand the chilling winter weathers in Finland, she summed up atmosphere of her visit.

Revolution of integrative medicine

ultra-2016-5-6Yumi Ogawa believes that the essential oils represents the most visible factors playing the role in that fascinating tale, which tells about medical-industrial complex crippled by big problems and the increasing in popularity of complementary therapies since the 90th.

Valuation of medical (sciences) has suffered from the side effects, abuse and growing inequality of the patients. The latest scandal revolves around supranational Theranos blood analysis company around, which was founded by the world’s youngest women billionaire Elizabeth Holmes, a former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the former Secretary of Defense William Perry, among others.

Yumi says in amazement, how much depression and exlusions occurs among Finns, even though our country is known from a free healthcare. She says she understood that the easy availability of the services and interests of the pharmaceutical industry have led to overmedicating, medicalization and growth of serious side-effects.

– We should not leave our health too much upon doctors, without studying how we medicate ourselves, and what side effects it may have. We have extensive opportunities to look for alternatives that are good for our bodies and our health, she emphasizes.

This freedom of choice is aimed to increase by the integrative medicine, which is trying to take human being as a whole and to weed out the industrialized medicine disadvantages by introducing a elements of traditional and complementary therapies into the formal healthcare. Due to global nature the World Health Organization has begun to develop a comprehensive strategy for the integration of the official side. It has been noticed in Finland also, but the preparation of the law brought down when the focus was shifted into exclusion instead of integration.

Yumi considers success of aromatherapy is making room for the clean environment in Finland and our traditional knowledge, in the scope of official healthcare as well as in the international markets. She tours annually around the world, to giving treatments, as well as training sessions about Shiatsu and oils, hoping to export the change forward also in the North. She represents dōTerra, which is a company worth billions of euros of essential oils in its center Utah in the United States.

– I see people who appreciate their health and traditional treatments, living a more healthy life, Yumi tells her vision. She believes dōTerra will helping Finnish people, reference also to the importance of sense of community and economic options in challenging times.

She tells how in the old days, people were more skilled to use the power of healing in nature. It is also important for the Finns to come back to their roots and to appreciate more of these traditional skills.

– For example, in Japan we make use of the hot springs, which are rich in minerals and natural combinations that will help us to keep our bodies healthy. The Samurai in ancient times could go get strength and health from the hot springs to succeed in battles.

Essential oils more familiar

Yumi Ogawa is grown in a culture where all traditional therapies are a natural part of life. In Japan ill people often seeks out doctor who manages the oriental medical treatment if they are not able to deal with it themselves, trying to figure out together how to move forward.

– The Japanese are very close to nature, and for us it is natural to look for cures from herbs and we are not alienated from the natural healing effects, Yumi says.

She says it had a close relationship with aromatherapy early age. She used to take care of his father during a baseball game, in which she took the innate understanding of health and also learned the techniques used in shiatsu.

– Our body requires regular cleansing function correctly. We need a high-quality diet, adequate exercise, good sleep quality, stress reduction, and the understanding of our body. Aroma-therapeutic oils offer a safe and effective way to support our well-being, especially when it comes to things that tiimoilta do not need to consult a doctor, such as the various pains, allergies, stomach discomfort or burns.

These potions extracted from plant stems, roots, flowers and fruits from other parts. Marvelling at the aroma of a rose, mesmerized by lavander fields or sensed the smell of freshly cut mint, you’ll enjoy natural essential oils properties. They are known to relieve the mood and calming effect, producing a sometimes strong emotional reactions, because on smell center in the brain is the immediate context of the limbic system, which is regulating emotions and motivation.

Plant oils are the chemical structures of naturally cleansing and health-promoting. They are absorbed from the skin into the body for about 20-90 minutes, and some of them can also be used to support a diet to promote vitality and overall well-being. Official recommendations for internal use will vary by country, for pregnant women oils are not usually recommended.

Oils can be a hundred times stronger herbs, it is typically used 1-2 drops at one time each. People with sensitive skin are recommended dilution preparations with almond or coconut oil. suitable for skin care oils include. Useful oils for skincare are helichrysum, which is used for bruises and wounds, as well as tea tee oil, which is suitable for acne and allergies, both of which should not be taken internally. Many internally ingested oil are excellent adjuncts for cooking, such as thyme which is also used in the treatment of the skin, coriander which is stimulating digestion, lemon which can purifying the body, ginger which is helping for nausea or basil which is for mood reassuring.

Often, aroma-therapeutic products are specialized oil blends. They can also be prepared by themselves, for example, peppermint and eucalyptus for opening the breath. Frankincense or lavender may be used if other general-purpose oil is not available. Distilled from valuable resin, frankincense has been found in some studies even helping cancer properties.

The pure oil is obtained by steam distillation from the plant typically, however, the most common oil cold pressed oranges. In order to ensure the quality of the steam temperature and pressure must be under strict supervision. In addition to affecting the quality of habitats, as well as the collection and timely way. Typically, the background of unpleasant experiences is of poor quality, diluted or even partially synthetic oil, the preparation of which is not controlled properly. For this reason, for example, certified dōTerran batches are always going through scientific inspection records.

Shiatsu therapist and healer

Yumi Ogawa has worked for a long time as a shiatsu therapist in California, visiting more than 30 countries. Shiatsu is a Japanese method of treatment of the body, based on the meridians in the treatment of acupuncture points. It has been developed over a thousand years ago, any other physical therapy does not extend that far in recorded history.

– Shiatsu is a work of blind people in Japanese traditions, with the involvement of government it has become an important route to employment for blind people. It was strange to start a career as shiatsu therapist, because when my mother learned about my study in the United States, she immediately asked with concern, that is there something wrong with your sight, in which I stated that shiatsu is popular in the West.

Yumi says she is able to feel the energies and feel the things in advance. As a child, she sometimes heard the inner voice that speaks to herself, but he tried to ignore these things until she visited after her divorce in Yosemite National Park. There he saw the white dragon from waterfall descending towards himself, taking the photo from this sighting

– After this event, I became more sensitive to psychic things and I began to experience more variety of inexplicable things, he says.

She has described a number of situations in which she has felt the past traumas of the customer after touching them, received hunches or messages addressed to customers from the afterlife. One of the most impressive events took place when she was giving treatment for the rich woman in the spa. She had arrived to deal with grief after losing her husband and her children.

– I felt that she wanted to speak to anyone with trauma and when I touched her, I saw teenage girl argue with his father’s about career expectations, she wanted to be an artist. I startled the vision, I raised my hand and asked what she thought to make life situation. She said she wanted to teach the art in high school, when I said that, my god, when you were a teenager you had this traumatic experience because your father prevented you from taking your dreams in art studies. She asked in amazement how could I know this story, when I told her about my premonition.

According to Yumi psychic abilities come into play only when she has a pure desire to help people, not, for example, if the attitude is challenging or doubting.

– If the customer is materialistic, superficial, or in a bad mood, I will not take up sensations. If the universe communicates to me that I should approach one of the people, so I will do so.

As a sensitive with psychic she intuitively combines shiatsu, aromatherapy and oriental medical treatment and philosophy. The trust between the client and the therapist arises in connection with a high quality of care and treatment provided in a natural combination of knowledge. Striking the right balance is important, where she has herself struggled between two cultures grown up.

– It must be understood and grow inside the west than the east, to know myself and my identity. I see that each culture has its benefits, Yumi says.

Finnish culture, she says, Finnish experiencing the very same type as the Japanese, although in many respects Finland is somewhat different.

– Wherever I meet Finnish people, I cannot help but feel I just love you all, are his greetings to the readers of Ultra.




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