You can easily browse essential oils and products from price list and dōTERRA’s catalogue. However, if you wish to make a purchase from dōTERRA, you will need to do so through Wellness Advocate by using her/his Reference ID number. Don’t worry, it’s really easy! Simply sign up by using Yumi’s Referring Member ID number (IPC #111350), and begin shopping. You can buy products at retail value or you can save money and use special offers by ordering at Wholesale prices. Next, just fill out your information and select your products. For more info on buying options, scroll down.

First time buyer? Save money be opening a Wholesale Account and purchasing one of the following enrollment kits. By purchasing an enrollment kit, your $35 membership fee is waived.


For a full list of enrollment kits, click here. Check out the prices here.

Family Physician® Kit and Beadlets

Cleanse & Restore Kit®


Home Essentials Kit


Buying options

dōTERRA offers several buying options to suit your purchasing needs. Orders typically takes between 3 and 5 business days to set on, and shipping takes about the same time. Contact Yumi to decide which option serves you best.


From dōTERRA’s wholesale program you can purchase products at 25% off retail prices. Registration is FREE with purchase of kit, otherwise it is $35. This is a great option if you plan to purchase many products for personal use and wish to save as much as possible. Under the wholesale program, you have the option to simply buy products at a discount, or you may choose to also build a business by selling products through dōTERRA’s compensation plan, as an Intependent Product Consultant (a.k.a Wellness Advocate).

In order to keep a wholesale account active and continue to save 25% off all products, you must purchase one order per year (no minimum) and pay a $25 renewal fee each year. You can also earn reward points for FREE dōTERRA products through Loyalty Rewards Program.

You can easily earn more income from previously mentioned dōTERRA’s compensation plan by selling dōTERRA products through the wholesale system. You will receive a personalized business and shopping website to place and track orders, as well as free marketing tools and training from dōTERRA. It’s easy to start by using Yumi’s Referring Member ID number (IPC #111350). For more information, contact Yumi and she’ll help you to navigate your next steps, or check out how to become dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.



dōTERRA’s Preferred Membership program offers 20% off retail prices with a $25 registration fee. This option is great for the customer who simply wishes to save money on dōTERRA purchases. This option allows you to make purchases with your Preferred Member ID and there isn’t any annual fee nor requirements for ordering. You can earn up to 10-30% of your total purchase back as a point value for FREE products.

Preferred Members have the option to upgrade to a wholesale account at any time for only $25. You can also earn reward points for every purchase through the Loyalty Rewards Program and apply those points toward FREE dōTERRA products. To shop as a Preferred Member, sign up by using Yumi’s Referring Member ID number (IPC #111350), and begin shopping by selecting “Preferred Member Prices”.



Retail customers simply purchase dōTERRA products at retail pricing with no membership cost. This option can be recommended only if you are making first try with single product, simply because so much money can be saved through the other purchasing accounts. To shop as a retail customer, order your products from the shop by selecting Yumi’s Referring Member ID number (IPC #111350).




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  1. I tried to order but it is hard to fill in the registration. When I tried to put password but it do not work.

    • Page admin

      “And I wish to buy it now. But I had a bit difficulties. I have registered, but something I am not maybe understanding because I am not able to buy it and I don’t find this also. Only some starting kits. I don’t want to buy them just this one I smelled…”

      Sorry, that particular shopping link was directing users to the sign up page. You can sign up if you want to start to save and earn money as explained here:

      I have changed the correct link now, you can choose shop in the menu or shopping cart symbol from the top menu of this site.

      Here is how it works:
      Step 1, Click the shop
      Step 2, you can say where you live. And language is English (no finnish yet sorry)
      Step4, Choose “essential oils”
      Step 5, You can find “wild orange” from here.

      Jani Lassila

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