Every people has their special needs and dōTERRA is always keeping track of current trends and needs for different period of the year etc. Most needed products are often available in reduced prices and while choosing products for reduced prices, dōTERRA also wants to make sure that essential oils can be shared for those who most need special attention for their health and wellness. Here is listed some examples how to minimize overall product expenses for you and your family, by using various types of product promotions.

  • When you are placing orders of 200 PV, dōTERRA will occasionally offer product promotions with them. In past, products like Summer Sensation Kit ($81.61), Frankincense essential oil bottle ($93.00) and Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend (A $92.67) has been offered with order for 200 PV. Purchasing all the needed products at the same time is also a great way to save on your costs.
  • When you are buying products as a Preferred Member or as an Independent Product Consultant, instead of buying retail prices, you will always get 20%-25% off. Reduced prices are about 20% cheaper for Preferred Member and about 25% or more for wholesale pricing. In last option you can also start earning extra income as a Wellness Advocate. If you are interested to enroll dōTERRA and join Yumi’s team, please follow instructions how to become dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.
  • The most significant way to to save money is Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) – you will earn credits for monthly purchases ordered on the program and you can later use those credits as a cash to purchase dōTERRA products. And longer you participate in the LRP, more credits you can earn!
  • There is also Product of the Month, which offers a FREE product for customers who put forward the LRP order before the 16th day, placing orders with 125 PV or higher.
  • Every month dōTERRA has also monthly special offers, such as special kit of products, additional 10% off, or special offer for certain PV. You can check out current monthly special offers from below.

PV stands for “Point Value“. Every product is assigned a certain point value, 1 point per wholesale dollar. Thus, for example Lemon oil costs $10 wholesale and gains 10 PV for you. Make sure that your orders add up to the PV amount for the promotion you want receive.



Monthly offers



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