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      Choosing a date and time is the first major hurdle when organizing a successful class. Before you choose a date and time, consider the following: -Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for an event. Give yourself about a week to make arrangements and distribute invitations. -Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays tend to receive the highest rates of attendance. Avoid weekends when possible. Also, consider a recurring date and time. This provides you and your team with consistency. -Identify the roles of the individuals you are inviting to your class. If the majority of the individuals work full-time, schedule your event after 5:00PM. -Embrace spontaneous opportunities to share essentials oils at friendly get-togethers or lunch dates. When selecting a location for your event, make sure that your location will not only be able to accommodate for the number of guests you are inviting, but that it is a location where your guests will feel comfortable. In many cases, Wellness Advocates create a relaxed and friendly environment by holding dōTERRA classes in their own home. When holding a class in your home, make sure that your children are cared for. If you have pets, place them in a room or outside where they will not be a distraction. When creating a guest list for your class, it is important to keep the following concepts and ideas in mind. -Purpose of your class would be something like empowering others through the natural solutions that dōTERRA provides. -Think who will benefit from this class and why. Coordinate the contents of the class to the needs of those that you are inviting. (Be aware of their needs.) -How many guests can you comfortably accommodate? Not everyone you invite will be able to attend. If your home will accommodate five guests, then you should invite 15 to 20 guests in order to fill the room. -Do you want to include spouses or significant others? dōTERRA essential oils can benefit a variety of individuals. Don't eliminate possibilities because you didn't extend the invitation. One of the most important aspects for holding a successful class is to actually invite individuals to participate. How you invite someone and how you choose to follow up with your invitees are very crucial aspects to how successful your class will be. When using different resources to invite your guests to attend your event consider the following: - Social media informs, but it is not an effective invitation. Social media events are worth posting, but do not rely on them fill a room unless followed by a more personal touch. - The best invitations are made over a phone call or in person. These approaches allow for a more personal and tailored invitation for each individual guest. - The best way to ensure successful attendance at your class is to reach out to guests in multiple ways. - Give everyone a role at the event. - Don't forget to send final reminder. Remember, it's easy to make plans, but usually things don't work out as planned. And different countries need a bit different methods too. So there is much room for discussion for details, what things should be take in the considerations (other than above) and what should be avoid. Welcome to group!
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